Where to Start

Being in a dispute can be frustrating, especially since there are so many things to consider. Progressive steps through the process can help!

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Why Arbitration?

Arbitration is resolving disputes using an independent neutral person to make a decision on the issues in dispute. Why use arbitration?

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Why Mediation

Mediation is resolving disputes using an independent neutral person to facilitate an effective negotiation among the parties.

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Disputes are not easy

Depending on the complexity, the stakes, the personalities and the history – its sometime seems like a miracle to ever find a resolution. Going through the courts can make a bad situation nearly untenable and trapped in perpetual limbo.

The cost of resolution in the civil justice system can be astronomical. This is why mediation and arbitration have become an increasingly viable option. The seasoned and trusted experts of MAAOC have one ultimate objective for you – resolution.

Next Steps…

The first step in resolving a dispute shouldn’t be the hardest. That’s why our initial consultation is cost free to the clients.. We use a team approach so call (403 815 8300) or email a brief summary and let the most experienced person here respond with helpful suggestions.