Conversation – the cornerstone of all resolution

Our Approach

Each of the original Associates had been involved in disputes or dispute resolutions where the common theme was: This interminable conflict was bad for both parties. The extended delays in booking civil court time and the possible cost of such extensive proceedings pointed out the obvious fact that Arbitration (and more latterly mediation) had been in play for years under the heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution. We believed then and even more so today that a lessening of conflict in the places where we lived and worked would produce a better world for our friends, family and subsequent generations.

Our Story

We began our Association as Arbitrators in the late 1980’s when civil litigation was recognized as but one way to resolve business disputes. Our small group recognized the need for committed individuals to offer their life skills and training to help resolve business & community disputes. Over the next 15 years we were increasingly requested to resolve disputes using mediation so we adapted our name to become the Mediation and Arbitration Associates of Canada

When the choice of finding a skilled dispute resolution practioner is upon us the best news is a range of help oriented people from which to choose. Whether you have a family dispute or a commercial issue our team offers the expertise you need.

Meet the Team

David Evans

Economic risk is a part of every commercial dispute and the analysis of those risks for both formal (business) and informal (pro bono – Calgary Distress Centre) is the skill set that Dave brings to every mediation in which he is involved.

Steve Rickard

When it comes to community, relatedness and generally getting things done, Steve is a past task master. He is the founding President for the worldwide Rotary Action Group for MicroFinance and Community Development.

Scott Caithness

Real Estate is an important part of Scot’s life but not the only. He is a world traveler, municipal volunteer and spent many years engaged with Rotary in both local and off shore humanitarian projects.

Pat Withers

Ms. Withers recently expanded her suite of offerings to include online Zoom mediation. ADR is more popular than ever as it brings a private, cost effective, resolution for the parties in a timely manner. This very effective platform combined with an experienced, trustworthy professional neutral provides an opportunity to effectively resolve disputes.

James B. (Bev) Isaacs

JB is an experienced Chartered Arbitrator, Chartered Mediator, Facilitator, Conflict in the Work Place and Management Consultant. He has over twenty years experience in both the public and private sectors of dispute resolution, facilitation, labour relations and negotiation in Western Canada’s Business environment.

George Steber

Municipal government architecture, construction and urban planning are some of the strengths George brings to dispute resolution where he is familiar with both the concerns and expectations of the parties.

Gary Selby

From a background in business to participation in community mediation Gary brings a deep respect for the process of dispute resolution. Gary is a reservoir engineer.

Next Steps…

After the identification of the Associate best suited to achieve the conflict resolution, your can either contact us through our general phone (403 – 815 8300) or via the email address contained in the full bio of each Associate. Our policy is to ensure your comfort with our services before getting started. We offer a cost free initial review by the Associate of your choice,