Ben Kormos

Ben Kormos

At Ben’s law firm (Walsh LLP) he is focused primarily on wills, trust and commercial litigation. Now accepting arbitration and mediation referrals, Ben sees this as an outlet for his creative problem-solving abilities. He brings to his work old-fashion values formed while working with his family on a grain farm in Saskatchewan. He is community minded serving on professional committees and the Calgary West Rotary Club as a past president. Ben loves to travel, study languages and pursue a passion for photography.

Ben is a partner at Walsh LLP, esteemed member of countless groups and organisations and a philanthropist with an eye for fashion and the arts. His practice is focused primarily on estate, wills and trust litigation, and commercial litigation, and he is accepting referrals to be the arbitrator or mediator for parties in those matters. Despite all that – and an impressive shoe collection – Ben can’t dance. Never could and never will – and that’s perfectly fine with him. He rests assured knowing his two left feet always look sharp and stylish on the sidelines!

A curiosity for learning, the ability to adapt to new situations and a relentless dedication to creative problem solving have underscored Ben’s career and approach to the law. Ben was born in Yorkton, Saskatchewan and grew up on a pure grain farm. While the daily challenges of the ancient farm equipment were far from the rigours of legal work, they taught him about perseverance and the value of finding unique solutions to equally unique problems.

After a short journey from Saskatchewan to Alberta for his undergrad – and back to Saskatchewan to earn his law degree – Ben settled in Calgary where he established a remarkable and diverse practice. His expertise and achievement now extend far beyond the walls of Walsh. Ben serves as an executive member of the Canadian Bar Association for Civil Litigation, Wills & Trusts, and Construction, and as a member of the Alternative Dispute Resolution section and as a member and previous president of the Rotary Club of Calgary West.

Ben’s taste for travel, community and experiences drive him to travel often, study languages and pursue a passion for photography. The same natural and genuine sense of empathy for others and their circumstances that is at the core of his professional approach fuels his personal life, as he loves to discover and tell stories that connect people with each other – just so long as they don’t end up dancing.

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