James B. (Bev) Isaacs


James B. (Bev) IsaacsJ.B. Isaacs brings a wealth of experience from both the public and private sectors. His experience in the public sector ranges from; commercial crime investigation and consulting, organizational behavior and design research and consulting, human resource selection and replacement research, design and consulting as well as training, coaching and instructing in these and other areas. In the private sector he has held the position of Managing Director, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Executive Officer in retail, communications, construction and adult education.
At present he is a principal and managing Director of the Sage Institute of Calgary Ltd., a business-consulting firm with a dispute resolution practice (Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration) and Organizational Behavior and Design services (Analysis and training). As such he has worked in both the macro and microenvironments of the private and public sectors. His work has included: designing human resource systems (selection, promotion), researching, designing and delivery of subject specific training to meet corporate needs, mediation between individuals, company to company mediation, commercial arbitration and facilitation in small and large group settings.

J.B. has conducted Management, Organizational Behavior and Design, International Communications, Human relations, mediation, facilitation and arbitration courses and research for businesses and at post-secondary institutions. He is often sought to speak at conferences, convention and luncheons on various topics including conflict, communication, mediation and arbitration. In 2003 he was a co-presenter at the Condominium Institute of Canada’s National Convention and the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society luncheon as well as others.

Qualifications include certificates from Mount Royal College, Canadian Police College, Ontario Police College, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Reid College, certificate in Arbitration from the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society certificate in conflict resolution. In 2003 J.B. became a certified consultant with Mediation Training Institute International in Work Place Conflict.

As a proud family man and community activist J.B. has held numerous positions with various community organizations. At present he is a Director of Community Mediation Calgary Society, a Mediator in the Alberta Justice Provincial Court Civil Mediation Program, a member of the Advisory Council of Columbia College, a member of Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society, a member of ADR Institute of Canada, an Associate with Mediation & Arbitration Associates of Canada and senior associate of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Sage Institute of Calgary Ltd.
1407 Lake Bonavista Drive SE
Calgary, Alberta T2J 2X8
Phone (403) 215 – 8877
Fax(403) 215 – 8878
Email: jbisaacs@telusplanet.net

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