Mediation Examples


Parking in Condos
A dispute arose between two condo neighbours about the use of the visitor parking near their units. One used the space frequently for his work van. The other neighbours used the space for their parents when they came to look after the children, and found the use of visitor parking at the other side of the complex unsuitable for the parents. Complaints between the neighbours lead to angry words and hurt feelings. The condominium managers arranged for mediation and a satisfactory arrangement was reached after a two hour meeting.

Satellite Dishes
A condo owner installed a large dish on the garage of his townhouse condominium. Other owners felt this brought down the tone of the whole community. Other owners thought that this was a plus as it enabled viewing lots of NFL football. Groups polarized based on the proposition of changing the bylaws to enable everyone to put up dishes on the garage roof. Mediation was arranged and after six meetings, there was consensus to put up one dish out of the way, to be fed into the central recreation room. This result preserved the appearance of the community, enabled use by sports fans and others, and reduced the polarization that would have occurred in a contested bylaw change.

Siding Application
A custom house was sided with cedar. The general contractor engaged a subcontractor who could not readily find enough nails that were galvanized for his air nailer. The result was staining below the nail as rust appeared. The subcontractor moved on. The owners wanted the siding removed and redone at a cost of tens of thousands of dollars. The contractor refused as his margin was small and he did not have the resources to do so. At a mediation meeting it was apparent both parties were concerned with the result and were willing to share in the work and cost of providing a first class finish. After considering many options, the parties found a way of preventing the nails from staining further and refinishing the siding to eliminate the damage to date.

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