Pat Withers

Patricia Withers holds a Masters in Business Administration from Queen’s University, was awarded the Chartered Mediator’s designation from ADR Institute of Canada and a Certificate in Arbitration from Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society (AAMS). She is the Principal of Cornerstone Management, a management consulting and dispute resolution practice in Calgary and surrounding areas. Pat has an extensive legal, entrepreneur and business background with 25+ years experience in oilfield service, commercial and residential real estate, construction and business consulting.

Pat is currently the President of Alberta Arbitration & Mediation Society and has served on the Board of Directors for four years. She is an accomplished senior mediator and has extensive dispute resolution training through AAMS including a Certificate in Divorce and Family Mediation. She is a certified Parenting Coordinator and has obtained a Certificate in Professional Coaching from Erickson College.

She coaches and instructs courses in communication, negotiation and mediation. Pat has written various articles on alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that have been published in various trade and business publications. In addition, she has mediated hundreds of commercial cases and been involved with numerous arbitration proceedings involving a variety of subject matters.

Pat is a contract mediator for the Better Business Bureau/ Alberta Justice and arbitrator for the Farmers Advocate Program. She provides private mediation, arbitration, facilitation or negotiation for agriculture/farming, commercial, business/corporate, oil and gas, estates, shareholder/partnership, real estate, landlord/ tenant, condo, family, municipal, senior/elder, church and employment/labor /workplace. Maximizes the benefits of collaborative resolution for all parties.

Pat Withers
#544, 7620 Elbow Drive SW
Calgary, AB T2V 1K2
Phone: 403-255-2552