Meet the Team

Resolution of a dispute allows the parties to get on with their lives. Our team of committed problem solvers has as a core business principal, your interest in a speedy dispute resolution.. Review the following team members who offer a range of skills and disciplines to find the person most suitable to your needs.

David Evans

Geology – Mediation

Dave is a highly trained and experienced mediator, focusing on economic risk analysis in the Geo-sciences including energy, mining, environmental and construction. His risk management skills, which he brings to all assignments, are critical. .

He has provided pro bono risk management services to the Calgary Distress Centre and the Calgary Boys and Girls Club.

One of Dave’s more interesting meditations involved a South African mining dispute which took place in both Cape Town and London, England. Shuttle diplomacy was the order of the day.

Steve Rickard

AACI – C.Arb

Real Estate – Arbitrator

Steve is president of Rickard Realty Advisors, a real estate appraisal firm specializing in property tax assessment reviews. Through his appraisal work and property acquisitions he has been involved in the real estate industry since 1975. This includes building, planning, land development, sales, investment, valuation and arbitrations for lease/construction.

Steve, an active Rotarian having served as Club President and District Governor. He has an abiding interest in Community Economic Development. Steve is also a past Board Chair of Motive Action, a non-profit organization that trains youth at risk with employable skills. His passions in life: Rotary, Running, Real Estate and Reading.

Scot Caithness

Real Estate – Analysis & Expert Witness

Scot is a seasoned real estate practitioner with skills focusing on site acquisitions. He has served as chairman of and authored many awards for the Alberta Municipal Government Board. He has appeared as an expert witness and delivered major talks on key real estate issues.

Scot lived with his family and worked for five years in Dubai City in the United Arab Emirates. Scot serves on the Chestermere Municipal Planning Commission and Human Services Advisory Boards. He attended Saint John’s School of Alberta a small private boys’ boarding school in Stony Plain, Alberta.

Pat Withers

Business – Arbitration & Meditation

Ms. Withers recently expanded her suite of offerings to include online Zoom mediations.  This online platform combined with an experienced, trustworthy and professional neutral provides an opportunity to effectively resolve disputes in a private, timely and cost effective manner.

James B. (Bev) Isaacs

Commercial – Arbitration & Mediation

Bev is the managing Director of the Sage Institute a Calgary business-consulting firm with a dispute resolution practice (Negotiation, Mediation, and Arbitration) focusing on mediation between individuals, company to company, commercial arbitration and facilitation in small and large group settings

Qualifications include certificates from Mount Royal College, Canadian Police College, Ontario Police College, Federal Bureau of Investigation, JB has a strong family and community commitment and has served as a Director of the Community Mediation Calgary Society, a Mediator in the Alberta Justice Provincial Court Civil Mediation Program and senior associate of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede.

Ben Kormos

Estate Law – Arbitration

At Ben’s law firm (Walsh LLP) he is focused primarily on wills, trust and commercial litigation. Now accepting arbitration and mediation referrals, Ben sees this as an outlet for his creative problem-solving abilities. He brings to his work old-fashion values formed while working with his family on a grain farm in Saskatchewan. He is community minded serving on professional committees and the Calgary West Rotary Club as a past president. Ben loves to travel, study languages and pursue a passion for photography.

George Steber

Senior Associate

George has three decades of experience in architecture, construction, development, urban planning and at senior levels of management in municipal government. He has been the sole arbitrator and chairman in construction development, consumer, municipal, labour and land use planning arbitrations. He has served on several construction and provincial arbitration panels and is familiar with the concerns and expectations of parties. Mr. Steber is the Past President of the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society. He is an Associate in Mediation & Arbitration Associates of Canada, a professional practice.

Gary Selby

Family & Business – Arbitration & Mediation

Gary has held positions as geologist, reservoir engineer, consultant, and Chief Operating Officer in small junior and large multi-national oil companies. Through his private company Gary has participated in more than 550 sessions as conflict resolution specialist, serving as mediator, facilitator, arbitrator, coach, and trainer.

Gary subscribes to an “interest-based” conflict resolution model, valuing flexibility in the process and honouring client needs.

Gary was the President of Calgary Mediation Services which provides free mediation services regarding neighbourhood disputes.

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