Why Folks are Turning to Mediation and Arbitration

Does this often used saying apply to you: “Justice delayed is Justice denied”?

When conflict arises the wise course of action is to seek a resolution and not bury the problem because when history repeats itself usually the price goes up.

Mediation and Arbitration Associates of Canada is a small Western based consulting firm that can help in the resolution of conflict, almost regardless of its size or significance to the parties. This bold promise comes from years of experience by the members of our team, some of whom are available to collaborate where the situation warrants.

If you are like most and concerned about the cost of this form of dispute resolution there is some consolation. In Canada we don’t pay for the judiciary to hear and decide a case but we do have to wait for our day in court. The delay is just the beginning of a complex system which often seems to be designed to seek out every factual nuance regardless of the cost of time and money.

When delay is not an option, possibly because of the business interactions that must continue in the meantime, Alternate Dispute Resolution is the answer. ADR includes an array of services from the court like arbitration to consenting mediation to resolution seeking processes like talking circles and community based animation. The parties to a dispute have many options. MAAOC is skilled at helping the parties find that course of action which works best for their situation.

Often the road is not clear and so we have created a short summary entitled where to start. http://aaoc.ca/index.php/where-to-start/

A short summary of where to start includes contacting one of the Associates (check the list for the one most suitable) and discussing the nature of the dispute. Don’t delay based on which Associate to contact, we are interested in providing the best person to achieve the desired resolution. When you are working with the proper person for your issue you will be informed about important facts like the availability of the Associate, their cost and typically what all is involved in an agreement for the provision of services.

It is important enough to warrant repeating here: Taking the first step towards resolution is often the most difficult part in a dispute. Give us a call and let us help make that journey a smooth one.